Sean Combs Divests Ownership in Media Company he Founded

After facing a series of lawsuits alleging sexual assault, Sean Combs has decided to sell his majority stake in Revolt, the media company he established over ten years ago. The chief executive of the company, Detavio Samuels, confirmed that Mr. Combs and Revolt are now completely separated from each other.

Revolt, initially created as a music industry-focused cable channel by Mr. Combs to promote Black representation on television, is now primarily recognized for its popular video podcasts like “Drink Champs,” “The Jason Lee Show,” and “Caresha Please.”

In light of the legal challenges Mr. Combs has been confronting, particularly the allegations of physical and sexual abuse brought forth by his former girlfriend Casandra Ventura, also known as Cassie, he made the decision to divest his ownership in Revolt. Despite settling the lawsuit with Cassie promptly, five more women have come forward accusing Mr. Combs of sexual assault.

Commonly known as Puff and Diddy in the music industry, the 54-year-old mogul has vehemently denied the accusations, referring to them as baseless claims made by individuals seeking financial gain.

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