Silver Bay Seafoods to Acquire Trident Seafoods’ False Pass Facilities

On Friday, an agreement was announced between Trident Seafoods and Silver Bay Seafoods for Silver Bay to purchase Trident’s False Pass processing facility and fuel business on the Alaska Peninsula. This acquisition marks the expansion of Silver Bay’s processing operations in Southeast Alaska, south-central Alaska, Kodiak, Bristol Bay, and now, the Alaska Peninsula.

Podcast Episode: Backlash Against Bottom Trawl Clarity Act and More

Tune in to the latest Seafoodnews Podcast episode where hosts Amanda Buckle and Lorin Castiglione discuss the pushback against the Bottom Trawl Clarity Act, updates on Norwegian crab, and more seafood industry news.

Key Insights from FAO’s 2024 State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture Report

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently released its 2024 edition of The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report. This report revealed record-high global fisheries and aquaculture production, highlighting the significant impact of the seafood industry worldwide.

Analysis: Decline in Frozen Salmon Imports Through April

Import data for frozen salmon shows a nearly 20% decline year-to-date through April compared to the previous year. This trend has been driven by reduced imports from Chile and Norway, impacting market shares in the frozen salmon category.

AquaBounty Promotes David Melbourne to CEO

AquaBounty Technologies has announced the promotion of David Melbourne to Chief Executive Officer and President as part of their long-term succession plan. Melbourne brings extensive experience in the aquaculture industry and is set to lead the company forward.

Federal Court Rejects Review of British Columbia Fish Farms Licences

A federal court has rejected a bid to review Ottawa’s decision not to renew licences for 15 open-net Atlantic salmon farms off British Columbia. This decision has implications for the future of aquaculture operations in the region.

Washington’s Success Story: Hood Canal Summer Chum Recovery

Hood Canal summer-run chum salmon have made a remarkable comeback in the face of declining salmon populations. This success story showcases the positive impact of coordinated restoration efforts on endangered species.

Florida’s Shrimp Industry Faces Challenges

The shrimp industry in Florida is facing hurdles due to storms and other factors, leading to concerns about its future. Some experts warn that the industry is on the verge of collapse without intervention.

Canada to Host International Fishing Gear Innovation Summit in 2025

Canada is set to host the 2nd International Fishing Gear Innovation Summit in 2025 to address the challenges of ghost gear and promote sustainable fishing practices globally. This event aims to drive innovation in the fishing industry.

How a Fishing Net Balances Economy and Ecology in Ocean Conservation

The use of fishing nets poses a dilemma between economic interests and environmental conservation in the efforts to protect the ocean. This struggle highlights the complex relationship between human activities and marine ecosystems.