There was circulated with the sad pictures on the internet of a turtle, which is completely covered with a layer of oil to wash up on a beach. Brazil has, in recent weeks, lot levels. The department of the Environment, an investigation has been launched to get to the source of the black substance to be found.

in Particular, the videos from the comfort of a beach located in Maranhão state in northeastern brazil, are even more harrowing. The clip shows a dead, washed-up turtle that is completely covered in oil. Just rub your finger over the shield would make it clear as to how thick the black stuff is.

Fortunately, there are also individuals who are in the tough times and the miracle of survival. Thus, if a dwergschildpad in Redinha is very lucky that it was at the time the aid was given by some of the rescuers. They brought the animal to a Good Aquarium in Brazil, where they will have the oil as much as possible and trying to remove it.

Since the beginning of september, we are already, at least six reptiles will be affected by the acid. Provisionally, there is lack of clarity as to where the oil is coming from.

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