Scientifically spaced: What is the lung doctors drives?


    A signature list of doctors in General, an approach that is outside the scientific process – whether you’ve set as in the present case, explicitly against the Expertise of your professional society or not. At the same time, lung doctors are not appointed as a physician, necessarily scientifically or competent to evaluate the assessment of health risks for the population epidemiologically.

    Joachim Müller-Jung

    editor in the features section, responsible for the area of “nature and science”.

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    The main argument that is presented – “limits without scientific basis”, shows that the pulmonary physicians have not read the rich (and younger) scientific and political literature or not. A scientific questioning of the Doctors apparently don’t. It is a kind of political recovery procedure of a, however, already more than ten years of completed procedure of limit value setting. That is your right, even if asked must be: Why only now?

    Berlin EU limit values supported

    are not, in Principle, limits on air pollution the result of a scientific but a political process. – Conducting in Europe, the precautionary principle is traditional. In this particular case, since the nineties a number of EU decisions and mandatory directives, which all the European countries and have led to numerous limit values for air pollutants. Science has provided the Knowledge available for the assessment of health risks and in order to – political – establishment of a precautionary limit value. This process will continue to run. In the world health organization (WHO), European Authorities and the German Federal authorities of environmental pollutants, risks are checked again according to scientific studies.