people are especially good at waiting. In particular, when it comes to Surprises. Seasonally excited children, who rush every Morning to the advent calendar, demonstrate the all the years. With age, the impatience takes off before Christmas, although, in other contexts, but she’s not coming stronger to the fore. While Waiting for new parts of a series, for example. Since then speculated about the Upcoming similar to wild game such as one day across the expected Christmas gifts.

Sibylle Anderl

editor in the features section.

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The American Fantasy television series “Game of Thrones” is currently a popular target of such speculation. In the coming year, the final season, revealing how the power between the seven kingdoms game set in the fictional, to the European middle ages-esque world. To whom is the uncertainty until then is to exhausting for you, you can pass the time with scientific forecasts.

Thus, two Australian physicians have evaluated, as the characters of for their numerous violent deaths of well-known series getting a divorce in the Individual. As they report in the Springer-Journal “Injury Epidemiology”, came out in the past seven seasons, more than half of the protagonists are killed, mostly due to injury and often result from head and neck wounds. All of the 186 deaths could be in the (privately funded) study in the framework of the “International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems” (ICD) of a clear diagnosis. The highest risk of an early death were lower-ranking men who had never run to the enemy side and have an important role in the series played. Violence is not the only Problem of the series world.