Michael Schumacher’s last formula-1 racing team Mercedes has the record-breaking champion on the occasion of his 50. Birth day for his services appreciated. “As a driver, Michael has led the formula 1 with his eye for Detail and his technical understanding to a completely new Level,” said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff on Thursday. “He has done everything with great determination, the team debrief (debrief) with his engineers to the Fitness Training. And he was always looking for new Ways to improve his performance on the track.“

Schumacher was seven times world champion and has won 91 Grand Prix. After eleven years at Ferrari, the Kerpen finished by the end of his playing career in 2006, was from 2010 to 2012, but again made a Comeback at Mercedes. “Michael had a tremendous influence on the world of formula 1,” said Wolff about Schumacher, which was recorded in 1990 in the Junior program of the Mercedes. “He has not only an incredible record – a record that remains unbroken to this day – but the Sport changed forever.”

Schumacher has made in his three formula 1 years, the current world champion-team Mercedes important construction work. “Michael is one of the founding fathers of our success in the past five years,” said Wolff. “He has played a crucial role, as we are again joined in the formula 1, and is one of the people who have laid the Foundation for our success in the years to follow.” Schumacher lives in a skiing accident five years ago, the Public is shielded in Switzerland.


Since its 50. Birthday on Thursday, a Schumacher dedicated to the exhibition in Maranello, near Modena, is now accessible. The Ferrari Museum shows under the title “Michael, 50” a look back at his successes. “Schumacher has a special place in Ferrari’s history,” – said the former Ferrari Star. On Thursday, many of the companions and congratulated Schumacher signed in for the 50. Birthday. A selection:

Jean Todt (FIA President and long-time Ferrari team principal): “To his 50. Birthday loving thoughts to Michael Schumacher, the greatest formula 1 Champion in history, with an unbroken record. Michael, you were always a fighter and always will be.“

Bernie Ecclestone(former formula-1-Boss): “Schumacher has dominated formula 1 Era. Two championship titles with Benetton, and five more titles with Ferrari. The adventure in Maranello has begun Schumacher with a lot of enthusiasm, the same he has throughout his career maintained.“