“Scandal” in the formula E – He hoped to laugh – and the termination of Daniel got the Abbot was in a virtual race with a professional car taxes. What was intended as a joke, ended with the German bitter seriously.René Hauri9 Kommentare9Abt is in a Video to the Public.Video: Youtube

Actually, Daniel Abt for this season, had planned the slow departure from the formula E. Now this came to an abrupt end. Audi dismissed his driver before the Restart after the corona break due to a”scandal” that resulted in the whole world of Motorsport cause a stir. A virtual misstep has cost the 27-year-old German the Job. “Deeper I fall, I’m on the ground,” says the Abbot in a nearly 15-minute Video, at the end he is on the verge of tears. “It’s a pain I know, in this Form, never in my life.”

it was all Planned quite different, the mood would have to be the opposite. It was supposed to be laughing, he would be received as a Prankster with a smart idea in the history of the electric racing series. So he had imagined.

Abbot’s Plan went like this: He wanted to take in one of the official race, the formula E carrying as many other racing series, only to the computers, his colleagues on the shovel and show you what is possible when the grass is on the screen. Therefore, he left the virtual ride over the disused Berlin Tempelhof airport, an Austrian Simulator-professional in its place to the steering Wheel grip. The face was obscured during the whole race. Afterwards, he would have explained all, and the laughs are harvested.

He had to be 10’000 euros of donations

It was not, then space 3 for the Audi, to inform the Abbot, but it came in the first place. The competition had been drawn previously suspected. An investigation afterwards confirmed this, the scandal was born. The formula E demanded of the Abbot, 10’000 Euro to charity, what this fact immediately, and a workshop for disabled people in the Allgäu region into account.

The shock was followed by the beginning of last week: Abbot, who has only played for the family-owned Abt Team and later for the resulting Audi factory team, all 63 E-Prix, and is thus one of the pioneers of the formula E, was dismissed from his longtime employer. “Integrity, transparency, and sustainable compliance with the rules, Audi is a top priority. This applies to all activities of the brand, without exception,” it said in a statement from the car manufacturer. The addition: “Just in terms of the past.” Audi was involved as part of the VW group, the diesel scandal. In this light, Abts failed joke is really beneficial easy.

But first the tabloid media had their headlines – and these won’t find the Abbot, affectionately called “Fudge-racer” called so quickly. The reason: last weekend, he should be on the North sea island of Sylt, spotted been – together with Nina Later, the Former Bayern Goalie Manuel Neuer.

He wanted to be remembered as a Prankster in the history books of formula E, now Daniel is going on Abt his Job at Audi.Britta Pedersen (Keystone)Benefited from a Swiss?

From the hardness of the car group could benefit from a Swiss. Nico Müller, who will start for the Abt Team in the German touring car championship DTM, and the Audi comes stock, could in the future turn his laps in the formula E instead of the Abbot. The Bernese denied his so far five of the E-Prix in front of the break for the private Dragon Team and was a master of the game. In the virtual Racing world of formula E, however, of the 28 managed to-Year-old already on the podium.

This world Daniel is Abt little sporting significance. In the race on the Computer, there is nothing to win except fame and glory. “And,” says the Abbot: “you have to do with the reality. It is far from it. It’s just a matter of collecting for Unicef donations. And to entertain the Fans.”

The fact of the German yet by, he laid during the race, more on a joke-like comments as to the Competition itself. He also wanted people to appeal to, those of the formula E are otherwise remote. The biggest Coup would have been should follow the fifth virtual race in Berlin. In a Video he had made after all of his Fun, attentive, and earned laughs for it. Instead, there is now a Video of the Abbot, as he sits ruefully on a Sofa, and all Parties apologized. As an unemployed racer (Video above).

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