Scams of all kinds are unfortunately still as frequent across France. The most frequent scams are obviously those that are perpetuated on the internet, since their realization is much easier for crooks. In addition, the traceability of the criminal and quite simply his chance of being caught in the act are greatly reduced compared to scams carried out in person, on the street or at someone’s home.

Victims will also be significantly more likely to attempt to sue the criminal if they have seen it with their own eyes: they will be much more marked by this unpleasant experience. However, with all the appeal the internet has for scammers, they don’t stop there and double their imaginations to rob their prospective victims of their property.

The police and the national gendarmerie are indeed alerting to the appearance of a new scam called “50 euro note”, as reported by our colleagues from Marie France. As its name suggests, the scammer puts a 50 euro note into play to accomplish his misdeed. He will place it under the windshield wiper of a parked car, like a traffic ticket, and wait for the driver to return.

The latter, once in his car and ready to leave, notices the ticket and hastens to get out of the vehicle to retrieve it. Alas! This is exactly the wrong thing to do: leaving your keys in the cabin, or even the ignition on, allows the lurking scammer to quickly break into the car and steal it!