Scam: the 6 SMS to be wary of in 2023


A good year from the crooks. The year 2023 will not be the year of the end of scams, quite the contrary! In recent months, the thugs have multiplied the tricks to extract money or your personal information from you and there is no reason for them to stop on January 1st. If you plan to make good resolutions, don’t forget to add to your list to be even more suspicious about the text messages and emails you will receive in the coming months.

Planet regularly alerts you to the various scams in progress in France, in person and through your mobile phone. As you know, when someone knocks on your door claiming that they absolutely must enter your home, you must not let them in. A reflex that it is oddly much less easy to have by SMS and by email… However, certain details should put you on the alert, as soon as you have a doubt about the origin of the message.

Despite all the caution you exercise on a daily basis, are you afraid of inadvertently falling into the trap? Be especially wary of these six scams which, very popular at the end of 2022, will still circulate in 2023.