Inflation, this phenomenon which is gaining ever more ground on consumers’ wallets. In one year, food prices have increased by 17%, according to INSEE. In view of recent forecasts by specialists, the surge in prices is not yet at its peak. This should occur at the end of the summer, or even in September. Emmanuel Macron had expressed the difficulties that the French will face: “it will be hard until the end of the summer”, he explained for Le Parisien.

Some brands try to relieve the expenses of their customers thanks to products offered for sale in different formats. However, as indicated in a report by Foodwatch (a non-profit association that fights to defend the interests of consumers and fights for transparency in the food sector), some practices are abusive.

When you go to your supermarket to do your shopping, most of the time you will see a deliberately sidelined section. This includes products in special formats. Yellow bands, red caps, these formats appeal to consumers who want to cut costs by any means. These packaging are made to make good deals on all types of foodstuffs: hygiene, drinks, meat, cakes, etc.

The Foodwatch association recently conducted a survey to differentiate the prices displayed. Unfortunately, some brands allow themselves to charge more for the special format than the classic format. This is distinguished by increases in the cost per kilo or per litre.

In connection with the analysis carried out by the organization Foodwatch, we invite you to discover the 6 brands concerned by this warning in our slideshow below. Don’t forget to check the products you buy, especially their prices per kilo or litre!