The new minister in charge of relations with the local communities, Sébastien Lecornu, explains how he intends to implement the” spirit of Quimper ” proposed by the president of the Republic on 21 June.

What does it mean to “reset” with the local authorities that the president of the Republic has called for ?

In the requirement of a good public service rendered to our fellow citizens, there is a community of destiny between the State, the government, the Parliament and the local authorities. This is not to say that all of these components of the public action must be in agreement on everything and all the time. On the other hand, we have together a requirement to be pragmatic and compelling result.

The three major associations of elected officials to denounce the will of recentralization. How to reassure them ?

The government has nothing recentralisé, it pursues a continuous dialogue with the local communities in the framework of the national Conference of territories. He advocates a revision of the constitution allowing the differentiation region. The president of the Republic, in the spirit of Quimper, wishes to make a debate sometimes theoretical on the decentralization of competences to a decentralization project. This is the new covenant girondin. I am deeply committed to our model of the nation-State but, in a modern democracy, one must be able to organize differentiations land.

Are you ready to go further in the field experiments for the communities ?

Yes. It is necessary to arrive to find a path between the notion of equality and the respect of local specificities. We need to develop the bespoke and the ready-to-wear, go to the State, which connects the calls with the specifications from Paris in a ” State master tailor “, who knows how to adapt to the territories starting with…