Savings: why will it soon be time to open a PEL?


Bad time for savings? It is clear that inflation, whose increase is estimated at 6.1% over one year in July 2022 as La Tribune reminds us, tends to eat away at investment returns. What the executive did not fail to notice, evidenced by the revaluation of the rate of remuneration of the Livret A. Since August 1, 2022, it has doubled and gone to 2%. The same is true, moreover, for the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet (LDDS). The People’s Savings Booklet (LEP) rose to a rate of 4.6%. That being said, however appreciated these regulated passbooks may prove to be, they are not enough, on their own, to bring together all the savings of French women and men.

We must also take into account, among others, the Housing Savings Plan (PEL). This savings product makes it possible to prepare for the acquisition of a secondary or main residence. It also has a very specific particularity: its rate is “generational”, which means that it is fixed at the opening and that it will not move afterwards. For some savers, it is the assurance of a good deal, for others the proposal is less attractive. Those who opened their PEL between July 1, 1985 and May 15, 1986 are now enjoying a return that is likely to climb to 4.75%. For six years, this rate has been set at 1%…

Like other savings products, the PEL should also see its yield upgraded. In any case, this is what the Best Rates site explains on the basis of information from MoneyVox. The press title announces a rate close to 1.3%, around 1.28%. See you in January 2023!