Savings: what to do with the money you forget in your account


Do you know how much the French and the French keep on their account? Too much, no doubt, in the eyes of most of the bank advisers responsible for supporting them and guiding them towards better management of their money. On average, which implies keeping in mind that extreme values ​​(whether very low or very high) tend to distort the perception that we can have of the supposed wealth of households, they keep 18,430 euros. This more than comfortable mattress therefore sleeps at the bottom of a trunk that brings in nothing, since this jackpot, underlines Ouest-France, is practically never paid.

All in all, recalls the regional daily, some 544 billion euros are dormant in France in 2022. This amount is relatively easy to explain: the current account, if not a profitable investment, remains a support that is easy to use and generally secure (it benefits from the guarantee of deposits up to 100,000 euros). That being said, it does not mix well with inflation… and even outside of a crisis period, it is always beneficial to opt for more profitable products. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find below.

Does this mean that you should not keep money in your checking account? Of course not! But you shouldn’t have too many. According to Mieux Vivre-Votre Argent, it is better to keep between three and six months of precautionary income, to be able to pay in the event of an unexpected disappointment. On good terms.