Among the options on the table to prepare for retirement, the Retirement Savings Plan (PER). The latter allows you to save throughout your working life to obtain, once the time of retirement comes, a capital or an annuity. As the public service’s official website points out, “the plan gives rise to the opening of a securities account or membership in a group insurance contract”. This savings product is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or professional situation.

That being said, there is no prohibition on opening a PER once you are retired. As our colleagues from MoneyVox indicate, this solution is not profitable for everyone: “On retirement, in the absence of income from work, the annual deduction ceiling is much lower. It is usually 10 % of your professional income. In the absence, it is the minimum ceiling of 4,113 euros that applies” they explain. On the other hand, opening a PER at retirement is interesting if you pay a lot of taxes during your first years of retirement.

Except in special cases (invalidity, death of your partner, over-indebtedness, etc.), you must wait until retirement age to unlock your retirement savings plan. If you have not opted for a life annuity, all you have to do is request that your accumulated savings be paid to you in capital, in annuity, or partially in capital and in annuity. “The same goes for employee savings (profit-sharing, participation, contributions, CET days) possibly transferred to your individual PER”, specifies the official site of the public service.