The slump in the stock markets has impacted the savings efforts of the citizens in the year 2018, according to a study. The financial assets of private households increased, according to preliminary calculations by 1.9 percent to 6.2 trillion euros. The evaluation of the DZ Bank, which is present the German press Agency. In comparison to the previous year, the asset growth slowed down significantly. At that time, the growth rate was still 5.4 percent.

the surge is reported to be almost exclusively from the savings industriousness of the citizens. The price development on the stock markets have brought many retail investors, however, painful losses. In the year 2017, a sharp increase of shares contributed courses noticeably to a proliferation of private financial assets. 2018 it came to the calculations to be opposed to valuation losses of around EUR 110 billion.

At the same time, days of money-saving throw book and co. because the interest rate sluggishness in the Euro area, hardly anything. Because Inflation tends to rise, losing savers, the bottom line is money.

“Huge investment jam”

Nevertheless, the German citizens had in their savings efforts, according to the figures available do not be discouraged. In the full year, the saving ratio is expected to have risen by 0.3 percentage points to 10.2 percent. That is to say: Of 100 Euro disposable income will be placed 10,20 euros on the high edge. “This is the fifth year in a row, in which the citizens can save a growing portion of their disposable income,” the study of the cooperative Central institution.

the majority of Germans are afraid of investing in securities to somewhat higher risks. Only six percent of the private money assets stuck reported directly in equity. Because of the low interest rates, households were not willing to bind themselves with fixed-interest forms of investment in the long term.