Sarah Stern (Les Tuche): her hot photos on Instagram


Since 2011, Sarah Stern has played the role of Stéphanie Tuche, daughter of Jeff Tuche, played by Jean-Paul Rouve and his wife Cathy, played by Isabelle Nanty in the eponymous film Les Tuche. A comedy that has become cult which has given way to many other opuses, including the latest, Les Tuche 4, released in 2021 and broadcast this December 25, 2022 on TMC.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, the young woman returned to France where she landed the role that would launch her career thanks to the director of the saga Olivier Baroux, met during a short shoot for Canal, report our colleagues from SHE. “He called me one day telling me he was thinking of me for a project. , no two, I requisition two of my childhood friends, I blow-dry myself, find me balaclava outfits, I borrow a friend’s Jack Russell and we organize an improvised shoot in the street”, had- she declared.

A performance that marked the director since the latter decided to give him the role. “I jumped for joy, it was my first feature film, I was going to play a character at the antipodes of who I am, which amused me a lot. So we will remember that this story started with ridiculous photos with a Jack Russell’.

On her Instagram account, the pretty 37-year-old redhead, who is followed by nearly 10,000 subscribers, regularly shares pictures of her. Planet has selected its hottest shots for you.