While the co-owners of this restaurant stated that they hope the incident will serve as a “teachable moment”, they did not welcome on-duty, armed police

After denying service to three uniformed officers on-duty, the San Francisco owners are now apologizing.

After being seated at the restaurant, Hilda and Jesse initially refused service to the three San Francisco Police Department officers.

ABC7 News reports that one of the restaurant’s owners claimed that the “presence” of on-duty police officers made the staff feel “uncomfortable.”

Rachel Sillcocks, co-owner of Hilda & Jesse said that it is not about being anti-police. It is not about the fact that weapons are not allowed in our restaurant. We felt uncomfortable and asked them to leave. It doesn’t matter that they are officers. It is all to do with the fact that they were carrying guns.”

Sillcocks says that officers can return to the restaurant to enjoy a meal, but they must not have their weapons.

A new Instagram photo was posted Sunday afternoon by the co-owners. It stated that they had asked the officers on duty to leave.

Co-owners Rachel Sillcocks, Kristina Lidags Compton admitted that they made a mistake when asking members of the San Francisco Police Department for permission to leave their restaurant. “We are grateful for all the members of this force who work hard to keep our safe, especially in these difficult times.

They continued by stating that they hoped the incident would be a “teachable minute”, but did not say whether officers on duty are welcome to the establishment.

Yelp has announced that they will temporarily suspend the ability to post reviews for Hilda and Jesse restaurants due to “increased public interest.”

“This business has recently been the subject of increased public attention. This often leads to people visiting this page to share their opinions on the news. We don’t have a position on this matter, but we have temporarily blocked the posting of content to the page while we investigate whether the content you see is based on actual consumer experiences and not recent events.”

The restaurant received many one-star reviews after Friday’s incident, criticizing the police officers for asking them to leave.

One Yelp user wrote, “Given this business has decided Discriminate against first Responders, I reserve to Call for a Boycott of Hilda or Jesse.”

In a tweet on Saturday, William Scott, Chief of the San Francisco Police Department said that he found this incident “discourageing and personally disappointing.”

Scott stated on Twitter that the San Francisco Police Department is committed to safety and respect. Scott also said that it was willing to respect our officers’ wishes, which he and I find disconcerting and disappointing. “I believe that the majority of San Franciscans are grateful for their police officers. They deserve to know how hard they work to keep our communities and businesses safe.

FOX Business was told by a Yelp spokesperson that Yelp takes a proactive approach to “review bombing.”

Yelp’s Consumer Alerts program has been proactive in dealing with review bombing incidents for years. Unusual Activity Alerts are placed on Yelp pages when there is an increase in activity due to businesses gaining attention. This happens because people use Yelp to voice their opinions on the issue, rather than describing their experience with the business. Yelp reviews must be based on first-hand experiences with the business. Our moderators will remove this alert once the activity has stopped or been reduced significantly. They will also clean up the page to ensure that only first-hand consumer experiences are included. The spokesperson stated that removing this content from the equation would protect both the interests of consumers and business owners.”