Since Samuel L. Jackson in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” played a contract killer named Jules, who quoted the Bible before he was murdered, and then about Cheeseburger philosophised, not to escape it. Since he was already 45 and had played with Spike Lee at the Cannes film festival for his role in “Jungle Fever”, an award not won there was before, exceptionally the Jury seemed to be his power.

Verena Lueken

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

But he became world famous Superior only as Jules, as a murderer with the rhetoric and the sense of mission of the morally. The remained, more or less, since then, his role, even if it is sometimes only the articulate murderer, sometimes all, morally Superior. He plays in about four films per year, which explains why he is on screens and streaming services everywhere. Alone with Marvel, he has a contract for nine films, with Tarantino, he probably has no contract, but still, always, with, always fast firing, always cursing, also covered in blood, still elegant and without a sense of Humor.

Jackson has not decided about of late, what profession he wanted to pursue. He was in the time before he became a movie star, well as a theater actor in New York, has played again and again in the plays of August Wilson, Off or Off-Off-Broadway, but was replaced before they moved to Broadway. With it at the time, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Morgan Freeman, who moved all in front of him for the Film. As it was with him then, so far, stood up for his roles in the guy for a long time, until the “Jungle Fever”, just: a band member, drug addict, a bouncer, a getaway driver, and so he has to be told repeatedly, “on page 30, I was dead.”

Today, he survived, mostly, at least until shortly before closing. He works continuously, not so much for the art, but because that’s his job, and the offers seem to constantly arrive. It would be a good time for a character role – Duke Ellington, perhaps, or a Black Panther leader Stokley Carmichael. Until it comes, seems to be Jackson in the Genre, in the action film, to be as a super hero at home, so casual, flies, he shoots for a quarter of a century by “The Hard”, “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars”, the “Avengers”movies, the new “Unbreakable”series. The most uncanny but he was a house slave in Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”, limping, his Master in cruelty. Today, Samuel L. Jackson is seventy years old.