Samsung Reveals New Smartwatch In Latest Galaxy S24 Special Offer

Samsung recently made waves with its latest special offer to promote the Galaxy S24 smartphone. The tech giant enticed customers by bundling the new smartphone with a surprise addition – a Galaxy smartwatch. However, eager customers were met with disappointment as the bundled Galaxy Watch FE was not yet available.

Bundling accessories with smartphone purchases is a common strategy, but Samsung has taken it up a notch with the Galaxy S24 family. The push to sell the new smartphones has been aggressive, offering extras like extra storage, subscriptions, exclusive colors, and peripherals. This marketing tactic has proven to be successful, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra emerging as the best-selling GenAI-capable smartphone, capturing over 30% market share.

As part of a mid-season refresh, Samsung’s decision to offer the Galaxy S24 with a new range of peripherals, including a smartwatch, aims to attract more consumers to its wearables platform. The upcoming Galaxy Watch Fan Edition is expected to offer high-end features at a more affordable price, making the bundle of the S24 and the Watch FE a compelling and value-for-money deal.

Despite the lack of an official announcement for the Watch FE, the offer was temporarily available on Samsung’s website. Speculations point to a potential launch date of June 24th for the Galaxy Watch FE, indicating that the bundle offer will likely make a return. Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung’s design choices for the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

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