The South Korean technologiegigant, Samsung recommends that users of a variety of tablet models to ensure that all of the digital fingerprints to delete on the device are stored. The cause of this is a problem with the system, so the devices will also be due to someone else’s unlocked and can be used.

Samsung encourages, users of the smartphone samsung Galaxy Note10, at 10+, and the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 in 5 g of in order to all of the recorded digital fingerprints, to remove it, and they will have to re-register, the company said Friday in a news release.

now, The problem is related to some screen protectors in the silicon, which is the vingerafdruksensoren interfere with, say, Samsung. The company calls it, to which patrons do not have to use it until the software is updated. That is the update at the beginning of next week. In addition, the use of the screen, it may be due to the bug, a third party will also make payments with your smartphone.

The issue will hit at the beginning of the week, when the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 with the British newspaper The Sun: “her smartphone, someone else was able to be released if they have a screen protector used.

Samsung is the biggest player in the smartphone market, and its new vingerafdrukkensensor at the launch of the “revolutionary” is mentioned.

this is not the first time that the company has problems with products from a wide range of. For example, in 2016, the dual-core processor and a 7 worldwide recall, due to the different devices and the battery had exploded. And earlier this year was Samsung, and the launch of the samsung Galaxy Fold, one of the first two devices with a bendable screen, the delay is because of the fragility of the screen.

learn More about Samsung Foldable smartphone from Samsung is a Friday, the first appeared Again, with a Rate of burnout: “The leading brand will always be in the spotlight, even in the negative, walk away. They are not more Critical for mobile: Japan authorizes exports to South Korea, a good Fold-away Galaxy and the Fold will be in september launched a