It’s back-to-school week for the PAF. Like his children, Cyril Hanouna has returned to his classroom… Or rather to the TV studios for a new season of Touche pas à mon poste on C8. Since August 29, new recruits have joined the host’s team to decipher the news and the media every week.

Among the newcomers, viewers met Sally Sanogo who took her first steps as a columnist against the C8 manager. “I’m delighted to be here, thank you very much,” the 30-year-old began before introducing herself. “I’m a photo model, I’m an actress and I created my brand of wigs”. An incredible CV which is inspired in particular by his life course.

Before joining the world of the small screen, Sally Sanogo went through a terrible ordeal which prompted her to develop her project. “I had cancer, so I created this brand for people who are sick, but also for ordinary people,” she said, adding. “It’s not just cancer, there are other diseases like alopecia, etc.,” concludes the one who “tries to satisfy everyone” thanks to her hair brand.

What arouse the admiration of his new comrades and the producer animator around the table, under the applause by the public. No doubt that Sally Sanogo makes a good impression on fanzouses and Internet users on social networks. With nearly 30,000 subscribers on her Instagram page, the actress shares photos of her daily life.

Between photo shoots, dream vacations or even her videos on TikTok, Sally Sanogo should not leave you indifferent. Here is an anthology of his best shots through our slideshow.