Since the fall of the Berlin Christmas market assassin Anis Amri, the security are sought Federal state authorities and countries hard to keep the jihadist threat, classified persons as completely as possible. Offenders, like Amri, neither have a German passport yet a citizen of another EU country, will now be deported as quickly as possible. In the case of the German-Turks, Halil D., to assess, as hardly, and therefore as potentially particularly dangerous, was not this solution came so out of the question. And yet the safety authorities now have one less thing to worry about. As this newspaper received from the security circles confirmed, the attacker, who lived in Essen, in November with his car on the ground in Turkey. First of all, the mirror had reported Online about the voluntary departure of the man.

Pure Burger

Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

F. A. Z.

Halil D. was in front of nearly four years, the focus of the Hessian land criminal police office. At the time, D. had bought under a false name three litres of hydrogen peroxide in one of Frankfurt’s hardware store, allegedly to combat algae in a garden pond. A clerk was suspicious and informed the police. Week, observed officials of the LKA, the former chemistry students. The last D. has been observed parts of the route a for the 1. May 2015 planned Cycling race around Frankfurt and Eschborn dissipation. In the night of the 30. April stormed the special forces then the house in Oberursel, Germany, in the D. with his wife and children lived. The investigators found chemicals which were suitable for the construction of an explosive device, a pipe bomb as well as shooting and stabbing weapons.

Because the LKA held the risk of Terrorism to be too large and could not exclude the possibility that there were accomplices, was canceled the race. D. and his wife were in custody. The mother of two small children came quickly again, the procedure against them was soon discontinued. And Halil D. has not been applied for in the summer of 2016 by the district court of Frankfurt only because of falsification of documents and violations of the firearms and explosives law, but, as the public Prosecutor’s office, due to the preparation of a serious state Crime in prison endangers the condemned. As concrete evidence of a specific attack plan did not provide the investigators.

However, The overall picture was the highest reason to keep D. in view: In the detention of the Salafist call was offered to de-radicalisation. In addition, D. showed – as not a few radical Salafists – mental abnormalities. Shortly before his release from prison by the end of 2017, the German-Turk was presented again to the district court, which admitted him in the course of an investigation because of the Insult of a judicial officer, temporarily in psychiatry. As a reviewer noted, then, that no mental disease was, came D. beginning in 2018. D. moved to Essen, where his wife had moved with the children for quite some time before.

the police and the protection of the Constitution in North Rhine-Westphalia alerted to the case for a number of reasons. Obviously, the wife of Halil D., which previously had no contacts after meal can support to Salafist structures, to organize the Resettlement in a family convenient ideological environment.