Sad record – Many of the Dead in the Canton of Vaud: enlightenment comes slowly in GangIn no Canton more people had died of the Coronavirus in the Canton of Vaud. In nursing homes, it came to dramas. Philippe from Lausanne4 Kommentare4Mehr pandemic victims than in the other cantons: A dead person is on 3. April in the University hospital of Lausanne picked up. Photo: Keystone

His Corona-case figures of the Canton of Vaud, published sporadically. Is not overcome by the Corona-crisis, but still. Every evening at 22 o’clock sounds in the Canton’s capital Lausanne, the Notglocke of the Cathedral. The tower guards pressed minutes. The bell warned of limits to the population in the middle ages, in front of the fire.

This day is the bell-ringing is also a sign of mourning. 406 people died in the Canton of Vaud since the beginning of March to the consequences of a Corona-infection, more than in any other Canton. 255 persons, i.e., about 60 per cent, died in a retirement or nursing home. What went wrong?

This is a question Philippe Vuillemin, the FDP-member of the Parliament, and the house physician, under the medical magnifying glass to clarify would. In the Commission for public health, he applied – and failed. The crisis is now to be in a co – ordinated overall report with the annual audit and the Finance Committee worked up. The Canton of Vaud, this is too little. He says: “of Course the people in our old people’s homes older than in other country, because we care for you as long as possible at home.” In the case of epidemics, homes would automatically to Hotspots. The crisis need to be analyzed but purely medical.

newcomers don’t

information on errors tested abound. “We trade unions have warned of the cantonal Health officials and employers at an early stage prior to a disaster,” says Vanessa Monney from the VPOD-section Vaud. She has published statements from nurses and carers. These show that During the Corona-crisis in the old – age and nursing homes new admissions because hospitals placed older patient there to make room for Corona to create patient. But the newcomers were not tested for the Coronavirus, and home lines restricted their freedom of movement is not always, although the danger of the pandemic was already well-known and the infection and death figures increased.

Prompt put new arrivals home residents with the Virus. It came to dramas. “The Situation was out of control. Retirees and employees were infected. In the individual case, a resident died after the other,” a witness to Carers. In each of the Canton of Vaud nursing homes, the half of the inhabitants died.

“We have concentrated first on the hospitals, but nursing homes are not forgotten.”

Rebecca Ruiz, Vaud health Director (SP)

Vanessa Monney criticized, Nurses could have been neither systematic nor free of charge to test. At an average of about 3000 Swiss francs, a Test of wages in the money.”If Carers have already had symptoms, a Test but was negative, they had to work at the behest of the home managers,” said the trade unionist. “In addition, it rejected the University hospital sometimes, to test for Carers, the contacts of the Infected had,” she says. In one case, a Carer had to work despite symptoms. After two days you got a positive test result given.

Like the other cantons of Vaud, was missing the protective material. The Canton of doctor Karim Bobubaker confessed at a media conference, you’ve reduced the protective mask inventories during the Ebola crisis and masks sent to Africa. Also protective coatings were rar. In the Emergency, the staff worked in waste bags.

health Director Rebecca Ruiz (SP) promises to a reappraisal of the crisis. “We focused first on the hospitals, but the nursing homes don’t forget,” she says. Pensioners would have asked you at the beginning of the crisis, simply not to lock up, she recalls. In the summer courses of the Canton of is to refresh the Knowledge of Nurses in issues such as Hygiene and infections.

This goes in the direction of the physician and politician Philippe Vuillemin is of the essence. He calls for “better trained staff”. 70 percent of the staff had only attended a three-week red cross course, the enough in a crisis, so Vuillemin. In addition, he is expected to propose a revision of the law. The Canton of Vaud nursing homes have some independence. Vuillemin want to give to the Canton more access to homes, work according to strict medical criteria.

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