Ryan Reynolds Surprises Audience of ‘The View’ with His Mom

Ryan Reynolds made a surprise appearance on The View on Monday, June 10, along with his mother, Tammy Reynolds.

During the show, host Whoopi Goldberg noticed the Deadpool actor sitting in the audience with his mom and called him out. Reynolds joked about finding it less stressful being in the crowd than on stage.

Reynolds explained that his mom had expressed her dream of attending The View, so he made it happen by calling in a favor as “Blake’s husband” (referring to his wife, Blake Lively). The hosts welcomed Tammy and hinted at having Lively as a guest on the show in the future.

Comedian Jo Koy, another guest on the show, recognized Reynolds’ mother from a previous encounter in Vancouver and shared a light-hearted moment with the family.

The episode concluded with Tammy Reynolds participating in the show’s closing line, sitting in Goldberg’s chair.

Catch The View weekdays at 11 a.m. on ABC.