Russian order-to-murder – dead in the Tiergarten: the judiciary assumed state terrordie German Federal Prosecutor’s office bring charges, she is convinced that The Russian state has given to the murder of a Chechen from Georgia in Berlin in the summer of 2019 in order. 0 comments The folding Pavillion forensics at the crime scene in the small Tiergarten in Berlin.Photo: (Keystone/DPA/Paul Zinken)

After the murder of a Georgian in August last year in Berlin, the German Federal Prosecutor’s office has in front of the Berlin chamber court with an indictment against a Russian collected. The Federal Prosecutor’s office assumes that it was in fact a state kill order of the Russian government.

“the Background of the killing of the job was the opposition of the later victim of the Russian Central government, to the governments of its Autonomous republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia, as well as to the pro-Russian government of Georgia,” said the Federal Prosecutor’s office on Thursday.

From the bike in the back

The victim, a 40-year-old Chechen with a Georgian nationality, was on 23. August 2019 in the Little Tiergarten, a city Park, in Berlin, of a Bicycle with shots to the head and back being stretched.

The suspects Russian had been on the day of the assassination, taken. Witnesses had observed, as he sank a wig and a Bicycle and a gun in the river Spree. The man is sitting since then in custody.

The U.S. attorney’s office had drawn at the beginning of December 2019, the investigation in itself. In February, the office of the Prosecutor had obtained a warrant of arrest against the suspects. According to the authority of the Georgians held since the end of 2016, as asylum seekers in Germany.

diplomatic tensions

The alleged contract murder had caused considerable diplomatic turmoil between Germany and Russia made sure of that. Due to alleged lack of willingness of Russia to help in the elucidation of the fact, had stated the Federal government two Russian diplomats. Moscow had responded with the expulsion of two German diplomats.

In a response of the German Ministry of justice on a question of the Left had welcomed at the beginning of June, that two of the legal assistance of the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office by December 2019, “from the Russian Federation so far to have the content of” answers were. According to media reports, the alleged bomber is said to have had close contacts with the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB.


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