a Clown, a juggler, a rope dancer on the ice: So a joke could begin. At the “Circus On Ice” from Moscow to the combination of acrobatics and figure skating is run but for more than 50 years on the program. Who wants to visit the Show of the Russian Eiszirkus, you must be ready with a healthy Dose of Kitsch, colorful light and grandiose music engage – what not to fall into the Christmas season, but not too difficult.

in 1964, the Eiszirkus in Moscow was launched, since 2005, he has also been touring in Germany. The training is as hard – after all, the same two disciplines must be brought together to learn. It is only when artists control their art pieces excellent, you must train with ice skates. The sled carries later, every artist on the stage: when Driving with the German wheel, Juggling, tight-rope dance number at the jokes of the Clowns.

Kirill Kiriklov has developed as a choreographer for the new Show with the somewhat martial title of “Triumph” for the Moscow circus in Germany, see you this Winter for the first Time. 28 artists, more than 100 colorful costumes for the performances. For the two Shows in our Region, in the Wiesbaden Kurhaus as well as in Neu-Isenburg Hugenottenhalle, there are still cards.

pictures of the route