Civil war in Libya, Russia supported a mercenary force with KampfjetsDas US military accuses Moscow to have fighter jets to Libya sent. An Offensive for the conquest of Tripoli, is considered to be possible.Paul Anton Krüger0 comments holds, among other things, the help of Russia: The renegade warlord Khalifa Haftar.Photo: Reuters

As at the Front near Tripoli appeared, changed the suddenly, the military balance in Libya in favor of the renegade warlord Khalifa Haftar. Now the Russian mercenaries closely linked to the Kremlin-affiliated group Wagner have been withdrawn, according to Reports from the North African country initially in the 150 kilometers South of Tripoli, town of Bani Walid, and from there to the air force base at al-Jufra flown out of the country, the logistical hub for Haftars troops. The withdrawal follows Initiatives by militias loyal to the internationally recognized unit of government under Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj. Possible they were drones by the military support of Turkey, primarily with combat and air defense.

is Open, to ensure whether it is a tactical retreat, about Haftars supply lines, which were recently attacked again and again by Turkish drones. Recently, a number of fighter jets of Russian design had been transferred from Russia to the base – an early new Offensive for the conquest of Tripoli, is considered to be possible; Haftars air force chief has announced massive attacks on Turkish targets.

aircraft repainted

The Africa command of the U.S. armed forces published on Tuesday reconnaissance images of the Russian machines of the type MiG-29 and Su-35, both of which are relatively modern fighter jets, so far, none of the parties to the conflict had. They are to be flown from Russia to Syria and the Moscow-driven base Khmeimim repainted in order to hide its origin. “Russia is trying very clearly to change the balance of forces in Libya in its favor,” said General Stephen Townsend, Manager of the Stuttgart-based U.S. Afrikommandos. Neither the so-called Libyan national army Haftars the military service providers of the Wagner-group to be able to arm this aircraft without the support of a state, to operate or to wait, said Townsend – and “this they get from Russia.”

Haftars most important supporters of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, have repeatedly flown air attacks on targets in Libya. The Emirates had moved last year, air defense systems of the Russian type Pantsir to Libya and, moreover, the Chinese Wing Loong-combat drones. Jordan also supplied weapons. The Turkey put drones to the fight and air defense missiles, contrary, sent thousands of Syrian mercenaries who had fought against the Regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the Kurds.

mercenaries from Chad and Sudan

Also on the side of Haftars foreign fighters are playing an increasingly important role. According to the statements of Syrian militiamen, the Russian military fighters from rebel groups who had submitted to the Assad Regime recruited. Of their number, it is far more important for Haftar, tens of thousands of mercenaries from Chad and Sudan are, however, as Reports from the United Nations about violations of the UN arms embargo shows.

A bizarre Episode of the latest report of the UN experts, revealed violations of the Embargo document: The Emirates had recruited, therefore, in 2019, a group of 20 mercenaries from South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States promoted. For 80 million dollars said you should prevent shipments of weapons to Turkey to Tripoli. They brought six used helicopter from South Africa via Botswana into the country and also tube boats, as they operate special units. However, the force should have been according to the UN, under the command of the South African Steve Lodge became estranged, with Haftar and fled after only four days by boat to Malta. The companies registered in the UAE, is to control the Australian Christiaan Durrant, an Ex-fighter pilot with close ties to Erik Prince, the founder of the now defunct US mercenary force Blackwater.

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