Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera was announced cancer-free following a checkup Thursday, according to tweets out of his wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Courtney.

Ron Rivera also posted a tweet later from the afternoon expressing gratitude for all of the support he received through his recovery and treatment.

Earlier, Stephanie Rivera tweeted,”Prayers are answered. Thx to all of the Drs & nurses who’Coached upward’ @RiverboatRonHC and me and gave us the winning game plan to overcome cancer. The PET scan said , cancer that you lost this struggle! #RiveraStrong”

Courtney Rivera tweeted that she’d”just gotten off the phone with dad and mom leaving the hospital @RiverboatRonHC is cancer free!!!”

Courtney Rivera works as a producer for Washington’s social media.

Ron Rivera announced on Aug. 20 he had been diagnosed with squamous cell cancer and had to undergo seven months of treatment during the season, which included three rounds of chemotherapy and proton treatment five days a week.

He stopped his remedy on Oct. 26. That day, a movie captured the second when he walked down the hallway of this Inova Schar Cancer Institute flanked by cheering medical employees — all wearing black”Rivera Strong” T-shirts — culminating in his ringing a bell to signify the end.

Although his prediction was great from the beginning, the remedies took a tollfree. He needed to use a golf cart through practice and his energy level diminished. However he missed just three practices and never missed a match, though he confessed that one week early in the time he was close to stopping. But he pushed through.

He did have to adjust his daily routine. He would take naps during the day — after videoconference sessions with reporters, for instance. His wife or daughter would push him home from the late afternoon or early evening as tiredness overwhelmed him.

“Sometimes you get nauseous,” he stated in October. “At times your equilibrium is messed about with, nearly a sense of vertigo. And then the nausea. It strikes you at any moment, anywhere. But the fatigue, going out to practice it limited me, which disturbs me because I can’t coach how I coach.”

“I was amazed. “Most of our patients toward the conclusion of the treatment are very close to having to be hospitalized because there are several complications.”

Players said throughout the season that seeing Rivera battle cancer helped inspire them. The coaches said it made a huge difference.

“This group, watching himunderstood when he said we’re going to have opportunities and we’re going to win and we’ll change the culture; they watched it firsthand because they saw what he’ll undergo,” said assistant defensive backs coach Richard Rodgers in December. “He remained consistent in what he wanted done.”

Rivera has stated he’d like to become an advocate for affordable healthcare.

“After moving through it and seeing just how expensive it really is… you think,’Gosh, how do people manage this that are not in the situation or the position that I’m in?'” He said in November. “That’s really helped to shape my views, just thinking and saying to myself, we will need to have some sort of affordable care in the USA for everybody.”