He is a key actor in French cinema.Romain Duris is this Monday, December 5 in L’Arnacoeur broadcast on M6, where he gives the reply to Vanessa Paradis in front of Pascal Chaumeil’s camera in 2010. Famous for his character as a crook and couple breaker in 2010, this role marked the career of the actor with the public.

However, nothing predestined Romain Duris to make a career on the screen. In the 1990s, this young pizza delivery man and student of applied arts was in his twenties when he was spotted during a wild casting call in Paris. “I was going to pick up a friend from a high school in Paris. Bruno Lévy, who was a casting director, was looking for looks, quickdraws, people”, he said in an interview for Konbini in November 2019. “And, he asked me to come on a date.

The actor also looks back on his debut in front of the camera during his audition for Le Péril jeune. “I wasn’t impressed with the viewfinder eye.” Marked by this first experience, Romain Duris spoke about the conditions of filming at the time. “It was quick, too, it was a movie for TV. It was done in 25 days, so there wasn’t a lot of room to worry about it, it was really a momentum, a mood”.

A first conclusive audition for him was revealed to the French public in the role of Tomasi in 1994. Several years later, the famous actor returned to the success of the film opposite Philippe Vandel on France Inter. “I was a little disappointed that it worked for ‘Le Péril Jeune’ because suddenly I hadn’t finished the file for the pizzeria and I never knew if I had been selected”, he said. entrusted to the radio. Launched in his career as an actor, he almost lost his life on another shoot…

In 2002, Romain Duris starred in the Franco-British film Shimkent Hotel directed by Charles de Meaux. While filming was taking place in Uzbekistan, the actor was arrested along with several crew members by a guard. The latter, leading them to the police station, the situation could have turned to disaster.

“The guy is a little drunk and says to us: ‘He has no right to drive the car, we are going to shoot you’… In fact the director bought me 100 dollars”, recalled Romain Duris in 2017 at the microphone of France Inter in Everything and its opposite. If the drama was narrowly avoided, we guess that the hero of L’Arnacoeur remains marked for life by this event. However, the forties has another passion outside the film sets.

Before making a career at the cinema, Romain Duris studied the applied arts by frequenting the benches of the Elmad Auguste Renoir then at the Duperré school in the mid -1990s. Battled in the artistic world with an architect and a mother dancer, The artist has a real gift for drawing. “It was natural for me. We ask all children to draw, but all are not sensitive to it. I have been immediately, and it never let go since”, he Entrusted for the psychologies.com site.

“Like many young people, I was practicing especially in reaction to school, what they wanted to be inscribed and with any form of authority in general. Creation allowed me to express this opposition. I played as The music, Drawn, painted, still following a ‘momentum against’, “he added to our colleagues in February.

If the actor played Gustave Eiffel in the cinema in 2021, his tastes in the arts were very different from those of the famous engineer. “My drawings have always been figurative. As I listened to a lot of rap and reggae, I took up these atmospheres, some messages and ways of life, mixing tones of rebellion and humor. Desire and sexuality were also very present: these are central subjects of concern at this age! I drew to ‘spit out’ the energies that inhabited me”. Alongside his acting career, Roman Duris also exhibited his erotic and surrealist drawings in a gallery in Paris, and in booksellers in his book Pulp.