as Of the rotjaar to the rainbow jersey in just one day. Rohan Dennis was like, but a size too big for the rest of us. He, his family, and in Australia, celebrated his team of Bahrain-Merida, did not. “I can confirm that I will be in 2020 and still be at the Emirates-Merida will have on your bike? No it doesn’t.”

as promised, not a lot of difference. A cyclist who was just ahead of the start of the world CHAMPIONSHIP-individual time trial, a picture to post of him and his son on the bed with the message: < / I> is What actually matters. Hello, and welcome, focus, and motivation? He is not the father, but to the Victor Campenaerts not do it.

the time trialists were the weird guys, Rohan Dennis, has a limit. “It was really all that mattered to me. I’m sporty, not a great year behind us, but I could always count on my family. This rainbow jersey, is a good thing, but if I am 65 years of age, am, and will be for a little while, about ten of the most beautiful moments of my life, to this day there is not a part of it.”

you can Also have different outcomes from 2019 will be in the top ten didn’t pick up. The one time he won: in the prologue of the Tour of Switzerland. The other day, we saw a glimpse of Dennis. The worst was the Tour, stating the day before the trial. Up until yesterday, the last day. Worse than that, the list was disputed by the team in Bahrain-Merida, after yesterday, is certainly not realized, is. A whole year of complaining, Dennis stone, and catch up on his time-trial bike of Merida. Yesterday, he went on – black painted – STARTED cycling last year, and it took everything in less than a minute. Is a sentence a statement.

now, The question is what to do now. “I don’t know if I will be next year, much of it in this rainbow jersey, will ride. My main goal is the Olympics in Tokyo. If I can confirm that next year I have to please note-the Merida ride? I can’t do that.”

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