Rob Lowe Explores Genetic Traits with Sons Through AncestryDNA

Rob Lowe is delving into the world of fatherhood on a deeper level by exploring his genetic makeup alongside his adult sons, John Owen and Matthew. The actor, 60, recently partnered with AncestryDNA to uncover the shared traits between him and his sons, leading to a meaningful and enlightening experience for the family.

During the exploration, the trio discovered various physical and personality traits inherited from each parent through AncestryDNA’s Parental Traits Inheritance feature. Rob described the experience as a perfect Father’s Day bonding moment, filled with laughter and nostalgia as they revisited significant locations from his past.

Reflecting on the journey, Rob expressed his appreciation for the evolving dynamics of fatherhood, highlighting the joy of witnessing his sons grow into adulthood and the privilege of guiding them through important life decisions. The actor emphasized the profound impact of shared genetics and how it shapes individual ambitions and characteristics.

As they prepare to celebrate Father’s Day together, Rob and his sons are eager to spend quality time fishing as a family. Despite his busy schedule with upcoming projects, including the release of “9-1-1 Lone Star” and “Unstable,” Rob prioritizes family bonding and looks forward to a well-deserved vacation in the near future.

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