From January, a new radar worthy of the greatest science fiction films will equip certain traffic lanes. Taking advantage of technological advances in road safety, this new device will detect the number of people inside vehicles, reports an article on the Econostrum website. But why ? You are probably wondering…

Unlike traditional radars, this new device will not calculate the speed of cars passing in front of it, like the first machines manufactured at the start of the 21st century. Thanks to its thermal sensors sensitive to infrared rays, its mission will be to detect motorists who do not respect traffic rules in carpool lanes.

As a reminder, the latter aim to regulate traffic during certain hours of the day, when traffic is particularly dense. Carpool lanes are intended for vehicles carrying two or more people. Cars with a Crit’Air 0 sticker are also affected.

Thus, and to enforce the rules of carpooling lanes, this new type of radar, equipped with infrared sensors, can determine the number of people who are in a vehicle traveling on these lanes.

Their great particularity: they are capable of detecting “false passengers”. In the event of a violation, a photo of the license plate is taken and sent to law enforcement. Following the analysis of this photo, the driver who committed the offense will receive a fine of 135 euros.

With the use of AI, the government wants to automate part of the fines process for certain traffic violations. Many private companies, in fact, specialize in cameras that can count the number of people in a vehicle.

In short: once the photo is taken, the AI ​​of these cameras will use several data collected such as the location, date, number of occupants, vehicle model and registration to determine whether the motorist is in violation or not, also specifies the site.

Here are the cities affected by this new type of radar: