Road safety: 80 new radars installed in the Bouches-du-Rhône


“These are deterrent tools that are extremely effective” explained the chief of staff of the police headquarters Rémi Bourdu, on the air of BFM Marseille Provence last Thursday. Thus justifying the installation of 80 new radars in the department of Bouches- du-Rhône by 2023.

According to the words of the official, in the columns of La Provence, reported by Capital, no less than 50 of these devices will be disseminated in the city of Marseille alone.

“We have targeted around twenty sites in this town which will be subject to the installation of radars,” he reports to BFM. A figure three times higher than what the prefecture announced last May. It then planned the installation in the Marseille city of “only” 17 radars.

These devices will be responsible for pacifying the behavior of road users. For this, the models used will be versatile and adaptable to each situation.

Indeed, informs the director for La Provence, these radars will be “smaller and can be attached to street furniture” for the most part. Still others will have the ability “to be moved along the main roads”. And finally, among all this, there will be “decoys”. That is to say devices which, despite their clear resemblance to the usual machines, do not flash any individual.

They will be implemented over the course of the year, until 2023, on the main roads where the rate of accidents and speeding is the most common. the department of Bouches-du-Rhône had 85 radars according to Radars-Auto. A number that will therefore be doubled next year…