The bad weather continues Sunday in Quebec, where thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon. After a weekend in the water, the sun should return on Wednesday.

Rain could start falling midday, if it hasn’t started yet. According to Environment Canada forecasts, risks of thunderstorms are expected in the south, center and west of the province. In addition to showers, gusts of wind may occur and cause damage.

Significant amounts of rain have fallen since Thursday in Quebec. Up to 80 millimeters of rain accumulated in Parent, in Mauricie, and between 50 and 65 millimeters in Pontiac, in Outaouais. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Mont-Laurier and Gatineau received up to 55 millimeters.

Temperatures will continue to cool over the coming days across the province. The mercury is not expected to rise above 20 degrees, while skies are expected to remain overcast. However, the good weather should return on Wednesday.