Rising Star Cao Son Nguyen Solo Piano Recital

“Cao Son Nguyen plays with technical skills well beyond his years.” Anonymous

Nguyen Ngoc Cao Son or Cao Son Nguyen, is a young Vietnamese musician, YouTube video producer. He is a classically pianist who is known for his 2018 piano cover performance on Vietnamese and English songs on his YouTube channel and other MP3 music.

Thrilling audiences around the world with her brilliant virtuosity and sensitive musicianship, 20-year-old piano sensation Cao Son Nguyen makes hismusic industry live abroad music streaming servicces! He presents a specially curated programme that features pieces by Beethoven, Liszt and many many more New-Age artists.

With over 4 million YouTube views and over 110,000 social media followers, Cao Son Nguyen is undoubtedly an expressive classical pianist of the new generation. Born in Vietnam, Cao Son has been lauded for his giftedness and widely praised as one of the world’s best young talents. Beginning piano lessons at 14, he was a self-taught pianist and got awarded many valuable prizes before turning out to 18. Since then, Cao Son has won numerous awards, and has given solo recitals throughout Asia and has also appeared as a soloist with numerous newspapers in the US and Europe.