Riots in the USA, Nixon was looking for the Dialog, Trump relies entirely on the hardness of Richard Nixon’s, Washington was rocked by demonstrations and riots. Now Donald Trump is also undergoing protests on his doorstep. The two presidents reacted, however, are remarkably different.Martin Kilian, Washington0 KommentareUS-President Donald Trump can be hard. He had rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful protesters.Photo: Patrick Semansky/Keystone

The a was almost daily with some violent cheer faced Asses. He had expanded the Vietnam war illegally on Cambodia, and the killing of four protesting students at Kent State University in may 1970 Richard Nixon’s America in shock.

Nixon’s successor, experienced a half-century later, in the midst of a pandemic, after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis the same if protests and riots. In order to protect Donald Trump in front of angry protesters, brought his bodyguards to the President on Friday even in the Bunker of the White house.

Even the closest advisors urging restraint

But instead of the waves, throws Trump since the outbreak of the unrest with verbal Molotov cocktails to. Even the closest advisers to urge more restraint. In a telephone conversation with Trump Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg had expressed “his concern about the tone and the rhetoric” of the President, said a source to the portal, Axios.

Nixon react differently to Trump: In the night from 8. on the 9. May 1970 awoke the President at four o’clock in the morning and put on a Rachmaninov Symphony. The loud music woke his Valet, Manolo Sanchez. To the dismay of his bodyguards, Nixon ordered a ride to the Lincoln memorial, where students protesting the Vietnam war.

“I hope that your hatred for the war, not in a hatred of the whole System and to our country and all it stands for, transforming”

Former US President Richard Nixon

they had him “not unfriendly” to receive, remembered Nixon later. “I hope that your hatred for the war, I understand very well, is a hatred of the whole System and to our country and everything it changed,” the President said to the protesters, a process that is 2020 in Donald trump’s Washington unimaginable.

Happy and in victory pose: Richard Nixon on the day of his resignation. (Archive)Bettmann Archive

Probably it would be actually dangerous for the President, the protesters in front of the White house approach. And hardly Trump would find the right words. So far he has not found you. Nixon tried it: “most of you probably think that I’m a son of a bitch, but I want you to know that I understand how you feel,” the President said in that memorable night at the monument for the murdered Abraham Lincoln.

His young listeners doubted it. But at least Nixon had tried to get into conversation with you. Trump is not a dialogue, but hardness, In a telephone circuit, he accused the governors of the States on Monday to be “weak”. You would have to dominate the protesters,””, demanded Trump in a Tirade.

“I have often said that there can be no order, as long as there is no justice.”

Former US President Richard Nixon

Like Nixon in the presidential election in 1968, Donald Trump as President of the “law and order” wants to be in the coming election battle. The excesses of the last few nights he wants to blame the radical left anti-fascist actors. For him it is a priority to show determination.

Nixon, however, a connection between law, order, and justice: “I have often said that there can be no order, as long as there is no justice – if you press the opinions of others, and progress under, there is eventually an Explosion, and Chaos,” he said in a TV forum in September 1968. These words have lost nothing of their importance.

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