In the struggle for the future of the broadcasting contribution to the ARD does not preclude a constitutional challenge. If not all of the land should agree to-day, “remains as the Ultima Ratio, the clarification of the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe,” said ARD Chairman Ulrich Wilhelm in an Interview with the German press Agency in Munich. “This would, of course, mean a year-long impasse. At this time, no order could be worked, in accordance with.“

The licence fee is set by 2020 to € 17.50 per household per month. In the spring of 2019, the public broadcaster must notify the Commission to determine the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF), how much money you need for 2021 to 2024. The KEF makes a proposal for the contribution amount. The subsequent decision of the Prime Minister must be ratified by all 16 land days.

As an Alternative to this method, an index model is in the conversation, after which the licence fee increases by the rate of inflation. This could be “at the end of a viable way,” said Wilhelm.

reserve until 2020

is used up, The Index does not cover, however, the actual increases in costs, but would be for ARD and ZDF “steady shrinkage”. Because: “The radio-specific inflation, which takes into account, for example, the development of the costs for music, Film or sports rights, was between 2009 and 2017 at around 17 percent, while consumer prices increased in this period by 10.6 percent.”

From some countries has been collected in the past few months, the requirement to hold a licence fee, to be stable, to increase. Then would be clearly in the programme were to be cut, said Wilhelm. What was not possible to take whole areas, such as entertainment and sports from the program order. “That would be so from our point of view, with the freedom to broadcast is not compatible. Especially since there is no clear-cut demarcation of the genre.“