For Matthias Maasch on Saturday night was a dream come true. German team champion in wrestling, he has become with his club SV Wacker Burghausen in the last year for the first time. But then the crowning took place after the fight against KSV köllerbach in the far Saarbrücken. Now, however, he was allowed to seal the final triumph against the Red Devils in their own hall in person, and that even after a duel with his closest ring friend.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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As Maaschs fight with a very tight 3:5 defeat against world champion Frank Stäbler was completed, could Burghausen cheer. The lead after the 14:13-hinkampf victory in Heilbronn was obtained after the penultimate duel of the return fight, at the end of Burghausen, also won in front of their home crowd with 12:9.

“There is nothing more Beautiful than to celebrate with the Association in its own hall such a success,” said Maasch. “It is then sealed, also finally after a good fight against Frank is all the more beautiful, even if I lost.”

last week Maasch had the world champion, he knows from countless training sessions-more than any other wrestler in the world, with good strategy defied. The on Saturday because of a cold, visibly struggling Stäbler had to all want to mobilize forces, and his best weapon of the Aushebers in perfection, to turn a 1:3 behind to win at least one of four team points.

Maasch brings performance and value to the full game room

The success of Wacker Burghausen of the German ring Federal government can assess now, as a victory is also a new rule: Before the season, the Ringer-Bundesliga is the German collar in Conjunction with the Clubs has adopted a points rule for the compilation of the ten wrestlers comprehensive squad for a team fight. The idea is to make The financial bet the team prepare in the use of foreign world-class wrestlers should be curbed, local wrestlers should be favored. Foreign champion in the calculation of the maximum 28 meter with eight points, a former international with medals honored to German Talent to go with two, or to beat even a point in the book. And own plants to bring even two minus points, the game creating space for a highly rated, world-class man.

Like any scheme in the rings, the points rule has its pitfalls: German top-of-the wrestler will be penalized with additional points, if you win the German League title or international medals. In addition, the resourceful wrestler discovered ways of computing games to take advantage of sense-of-bounds. Accordingly, chance of lots of athletes, as the 45-year-old former vetera can champion Michele Rauhut on the Mat went on a Saturday night in Burghausen, on both sides, because they bring just as victims against an international world-class people minus points in the squad’s account. Such battles damage the reputation of the bundesligain gene.

figurehead Popp in bad luck

Both of Burghausen as well as Heilbronn but they are figureheads Maasch and Eduard Popp also good examples of the positive impact of the new rule. Maasch belonged to entry into the profession some years of life as a sports teacher, is a world leader Eduard Popp is currently one of the four to five German medal contender in the strong Greco-Roman national team. You bring your club so minus points and quality on the Mat at the same time.