your team of the ASV Mainz 88 comes with the burden of a 10:15-defeat in the semi-final rematch against the Red Devils Heilbronn, Germany, this Saturday (19.30 clock). You have already been taken new courage??

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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It is a little bit of time had to pass, but we have recovered. The head is back on top. We have new hope.

your club wrestled especially with the disqualification of Dzhan Bekir due to a third passivity warning. How have you evaluated the decision?

In the case of Dzhan I must say clearly that it was not justified to end this small fight with a disqualification. I looked at myself one more time: The first two warnings were not okay, because the judges have applied, in my view, even the rules wrong. These two team points, which has resulted in the Disuqalifikation, are very much.

Was it particularly painful to have to in such a struggle to watch as the captain of your team?

It was harder than if I had stood on the Mat. For the nervous it’s worse when you have to watch ten fights. If one is warm and his fight is working, it’s different. Then you just focus on your own thing and not allowed to watch the other.

In their weight class of up to 98 kg in freestyle Vladimir Remel was offered. You were upset about the Non-nomination?

I was naturally not happy. But I was not upset about the coach. He has explained it to me and asked if that’s fine with me. And I’ve realized that the nomination was completely understandable, and the strategy is the best preparation. We must bring the entire team to only 28 points on the team sheet. I cost just as the German master three points, Vladimir Remel, only two. And we needed for our set-up a counter. For me personally, but it was still, of course, annoying. I’m a wrestler, because I struggle and don’t want to watch it.

you were a victim of the 28-points, as a rule, to protect the basic idea, actually, German wrestler. Instead, Tim Müller and Mainz, as well as the world Cup third Pascal Eisele on the Heilbronn side, and thus three of the best German wrestler, the only spectators were at the fight night now. Has failed the new rule?

as far as I would go. But you can see that all of the control experiments with and the clubs are always ways to take advantage of other strategies.

you are, in fact, punished with three points for her German championship title in the 98-kilogram class. You could not wrestle in the semi-finals, and their bargaining position in the Negotiation of fees affected…

it is not thought So far as I have. But there is something to it. It could be that some thought about whether he really wants to be German champion.