the Belgian’s coach, Rik Verbrugghe after, of course, also in the second place, Remco Evenepoel for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial. And he’s expected to be a 19-year-old joker will one day have a role to play in the world series is on the way.

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“We know, however, that Evenepoel, until it was able to do”, replied Verbrugghe in front of the tv cameras. “Top five was a realistic goal. It is, in the second place. He has made a great ride. I don’t know where I got this silver medal, in his place. Basically, we need to have a whole year to remember it. As a nineteen-year-old, he won the Clasica San Sebastian, he is in the European time-trial champion, and he holds a silver medal in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial. That is very impressive. As a coach, I can continue to build for the future.”

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the role of the Remco Evenepoel, in Yorkshire, it is still not finished. On Sunday, he can be a major token in to the Belgium squad at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the road. Some analysts have suggested in recent weeks that it would be a good idea to make Evenepoel early on in the race ahead of the other countries nervous to make it. “The role of the Remco is to me and to the team, and I’m here to tell you. If He’s already asked, could the material while the game is not hard, and is made, it is possible that there were one hundred men on his wheel, jump on it. Some of the riders would hesitate to jump in because they don’t like, want to be. Not everyone will dare to go along with it. For the Place, it will be especially important to us to eat and to drink, and, as far as possible, his power to save. The world cup is 285 km long, that has never been done before. This is an advantage for the others. But I don’t see him on Sunday or something in there.”

Dennis is a great champion,”

finally, it was Verbrugghe was still in the future for the world champion Rohan Dennis. The Australian will drive in the service of the Bahrain-Merida, the team Verbrugghe is also a sports director. Dennis was at the Tour de France’s battle with his employer and drove it on Wednesday, not on a Merida bike, but at the END of bike. “I don’t have the courage to say that the time difference has been made. It has to do with self-confidence, and doing your own thing can do it, I think. But I will give him that title though. All the hoopla after the Tour is over him and has been given, it is not at all have been valid. In order to then return with a world title, that would be a great champion. Of course, it is for the employer please note-Merida is a big problem, and that he was on a bike driving around, but, legally, it may do nothing.”

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