the Buzz at the finish of the Münsterland Giro d’italia. Young Hodeg he had just to win sprints as well, in Germany, or one of his team mates went on to become the fist of a team. Florian Sénéchal was at the last line, line down, once he was at the wheel of a Max Walscheid (Sunweb) form. The Frenchman, who went off as the heads of an interview, it was a story by him with a blow to the helmet and to sell it. Walscheid, of which the fifth was responded to by some of the rake tap, and the two of them together have been removed and the rest returned.

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“The team condemned the behavior of the Sénéchal. We have had the incident happened to be quiet and internally-controlled. Sénéchal will have to pay a fine in the amount of the integral will be donated to a good cause”, tweette Deceuninck-Quick Step.

originally Sénéchal, are kind and accommodating. “I was so scared, I just am in recovery from a broken shoulder. Fortunately I am back to the hospital.”


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More about Florian Sénéchal, Florian Sénéchal two years within the Deceuninck group-Quick-Step, Astana, and Deceuninck’s a Quick Step to dominate the season: 19-17 in the zegestand Gilbert, and Bob Jungels will lead to selection by Deceuninck-a Quick Step in Paris-Nice, a Frenchman, of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step, book first profzege on-birthday-girlfriend: “That’s a gift, I don’t have to buy it”