another high-level Alphabet-employee resigned after allegations of sexual harassment from the Google parent group. The Google parent company, Alphabet said Richard DeVaul left the company without severance pay. The reasons the group is not called. The New York Times had reported in the past week, DeVaul had become a few years ago to a young Jobbewerberin pushy. He was in an Executive role at Google X, a research and development company responsible branch.

the report described a number of cases of alleged sexual harassment by a Google employee. The group is accused of cover-up such incidents. Company chief Sundar Pichai responded with the statement that Google follow behavior “increasingly tough line” against such wrong. In the past two years, including 13 senior employees were dismissed according to his information, a total of 48 employees because of such allegations. DeVaul was not taken yet.

Pichai said that none of the grounds of such allegations former employees had been paid a severance package – which he objected to the presentation of the New York Times. Special attention in the case of Andy Rubin, the Creator of the Smartphone operating system Android excited. He had left Google in 2014 – according to the paper, because of “sexual misconduct”. However, the company had paid for ruby a severance package worth $ 90 million.

employees protesting around the world

Alphabet-in-chief Pichai apologized on Tuesday in a message to the employees for the alleged sexual Assaults in his company. The resulting pain, do him “sincerely sorry”, cited the industry website Ars Technica from his Letter.

On Thursday, thousands of employees of the Alphabet laid down as a Protest against sexism, racism and unchecked Power of managers in the group is temporarily working. They demand, among other things, that an employee-added representatives in the Board of Directors and the payment of men and women is made transparent. The Protest follows months of discussions about equality, sexism and lack of diversity in the Alphabet.