Early January 2021. Coline Berry filed a complaint against her father Richard Berry, accused of incest by his eldest daughter when she was a minor. In this media case, a complaint targeted the actor and his ex-wife Jeane Manson for acts of “rape of a 15-year-old minor by ascendant, sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor, and corruption of a minor committed in 1982 and 1986”.

Since the revelations of the 46-year-old complainant, two parties were opposed. Among Coline Berry’s supporters were her mother Catherine Hiegel, her aunt and actress Josiane Balasko, her actress cousin Marilou Berry and her ex-husband Romain Rotjman. In front of her, Richard Berry was supported by Jeane Manson, his ex-daughter-in-law Shirel, as well as his sister Marie Berry or the ex-companion of his daughter, Mathieu Petit.

After nearly 18 months of investigations and hearings, the case was dismissed on August 31 by the Paris prosecutor’s office “for acquisition of the prescription of the public action”, commented Vincent Vantighem, journalist of BFMTV on Twitter. And, not for “absence of offense” nor for “insufficiently characterized offense”, by justice.

“Coline Berry denounced the appalling facts she suffered in her family environment for much of her youth, knowing full well that they were prescribed,” reacted Patrick Klugman, Coline Berry’s lawyer, following of the trial. His defender added. (see the progress on Twitter). “I welcome the decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which after a long and meticulous investigation, takes note of the prescription and thus considers them sufficiently characterized and therefore probable. No one will be able to say that Coline Berry is a liar anymore”.

Several months after the verdict, Le Parisien has just revealed the statements made by Coline Berry to the investigators on the actions of her father.

When the affair broke out at the beginning of 2021, Coline Berry had revealed the actions of her father during her childhood in Le Monde. Statements that she had reiterated to the investigators, as indicated by Le Parisien this Tuesday, November 8. “As far back as I can remember, I always kissed my father on the mouth with my tongue.”

From 6 to 10 years old, the daughter of Catherine Hiegel claimed that her father Richard Berry was walking around in the simplest device, in other words naked, with sex in the open air. Then, to admit that she played with him and his companion at the time Jeane Manson at the “orchestral game”. While her mother-in-law “imitated cymbals with her breasts, Coline had to play the flute or the trumpet with her erect father’s penis”, relay our colleagues. “I had my lips parted and a piece of his glans was in my mouth so that I could mimic the breath of an instrument,” she confided during the investigation.

Among the other practices imposed according to Coline Berry, the actor would have encouraged him to take baths with him, to strip in front of him “to show him how to contract his perineum” or to take a picture of him, naked in the shower. Later, as a teenager, during Coline’s puberty, her father would have fiddled with her chest on her clothes, calling her “horny”.

Charges that comedian Richard Berry, now 72, has always refuted. “I was devastated, devastated by these accusations and these lies that my daughter declared. It is an immense sadness”, according to comments transcribed in Le Parisien. For the latter, the kisses given to his daughter with the tongue are an “abject lie” and that the playing of the orchestra “never existed”. The day after this publication, a new trial awaits Coline Berry.

The publication of the statements of the daughter of Richard Berry to the investigators in Le Parisien comes before a new deadline. Sentenced for “false accusations of incest” against Jeane Manson, Coline Berry had to pay the sum of 20,000 euros to the singer.

“On the sidelines of this procedure, remember that Coline Berry was sentenced for having defamed Jeane Manson on April 14 by the Aurillac court. 2,000 euros fine and 20,000 euros in damages to the American singer, ex-companion of Richard Berry”, recalled Vincent Vantighem, journalist for BFMTV on his Twitter page. A decision which the young woman had appealed, while a new hearing opens this Wednesday, November 9 before the Riom Court of Appeal (Puy-de-Dôme).