If you are a big rice eater, you will have to be particularly vigilant these days. Indeed, rice from the Taureau Ailé ​​brand is the subject of a voluntary recall across the whole of France. Rice is a very popular side dish in many cuisines around the world. In France, the annual consumption per inhabitant amounted to 4 kilos in 2010, as reported by our colleagues from La Croix. France is very far from being among the countries that consume the most rice. Indeed, the annual rice consumption per person worldwide in 2010 was nearly 54.2 kg according to Statista!

This extremely popular cereal is the 2nd most cultivated cereal in the world, just behind wheat. One of the explanations for this enduring popularity over time: the adaptability of this food. Indeed, today there are more than 10,000 different varieties of rice, which have developed over time and adaptation to the cultivation and consumption practices of each people who have adopted it.

The cause of this recall is the detection of the presence of a banned pesticide within it. If exposure to said pesticide is so strictly regulated, it is because it potentially presents a danger if it is ingested. It is therefore a question of being vigilant with the bags of rice in your kitchen and of eliminating the contaminated packets as soon as possible.

Here is the reference to identify:

Questioned by franceinfo, Lustucru, owner of the Taureau Ailé ​​brand, claims to have carried out its own checks on the rice in question today. “We have had counter-analyzes carried out on this product by accredited laboratories which demonstrate the absence of any contamination”, replied the brand in an email. She assures that despite the absence of contamination and “in agreement with the DDPP [departmental directorate for the protection of populations]”, the group has “decided to withdraw from the market the entire batch of rice, packaged and delivered in March 2022 “.

franceinfo however ensures this Thursday, January 26 that the whole basmati rice of the Taureau Ailé ​​brand recalled on January 23 by the official site “Reminder Conso” “contains a pesticide banned since 2020 in Europe”. It would be chlorpyrifos, which is known to be particularly toxic to brain development in fetuses and young children. As a reminder, in 2021 already, the magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs had detected this pesticide in rice sold by the Taureau Ailé ​​brand.

Here are the 6 supermarkets in which the contaminated rice described above was sold and where you can return the item for a refund.