Who ordered in the 5-star Hotel Adlon in Berlin, curry sausage, a bit of glitter. For 17 euros, the Berlin specialty, served with gold dust. Since the reopening in 1997. Since Franck Ribery backheel in the youth team. In spite of all the criticism of the Bayern players, who gave himself to the beginning of the year, a gold-leaf coated Steak in Dubai, will remain in the sausage as it is, says a spokeswoman for the Adlon. The Currywurst is a “hit”. Especially foreign guests enjoyed the refined piece of meat. Where that Gold comes from, don’t know the speaker. Also, the meat master Steffen Wawrzyn can only imagine the circumstances under which the hand was once mined gold originally. He ordered it on the Internet, 100 sheets pure Gold, seven times seven centimeters for about 13 Euro.

Martin Franke

editor of FAZ.NET.

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Shortly after the debate Ribéry began to put Wawrzyn, a gold plated Tomahawk Steak in the meat counter of the Berlin precious butcher’s Best Beef. The idea grew out of a “Gag,” he says. However, if there is really a demand for it, wants to offer the butcher on a regular basis. “Who wants afford is to make it easy.” As a taste of what the butcher is giving away three gold-plated Steaks on your Facebook page. The reactions of the users are consistently positive. And also the health Department puts in a complaint. One side of the Steaks will be sharp roast and then with Gold, he explains. The meat lovers at home would then have to fry only the exposed side of the Steak for thirty minutes in the oven. Gold-Burger of the noble butcher in conversation. Criticism or moral concerns, the young man does not understand. “Then I should make nothing more,” argues Wawrzyn. The sweater, he would have to let “my mom’s knitting”. And meat to sell it; he would keep a pig at home.

“A grotesque luxury”

The entrepreneur and environmental activist Guya Merkle sees it differently. Although she says that the proportion of gold-plated Essen in Germany was negligible. However, your lacking in the debate so far has been totally the look for the resource scarcity of Gold and the Knowledge of it, and under what adverse circumstances, the precious metal is mined. “We all have a responsibility in the world,” says Merkle. If you consider, “under which post-colonial circumstances, these resources will be promoted, I lack almost the words.”

Gold to eat a grotesque luxury is therefore “”. It does not increase the quality of the food and have no taste. No one would have therefore a disadvantage when there is no gold leaf and more for lunch. Merkle, which is used as a jewelry designer exclusively in recycled Gold, argues that in the jewelry area of the consumer less. She says: With jewelry you could connect after all, emotions and a value for the inner happiness or well-being.