Being retired is not an essential condition for receiving a survivor’s pension in the event of the death of your spouse. This device allows the “survivor” to receive part of the pension which benefited or could have benefited the deceased insured (employee or civil servant), up to 54% according to the pension schemes. A more than precious boost for many French people.

To qualify, you must have been married to the deceased, not exceed certain resource limits, and be over 55 years of age. Still far from retirement so… But there are even a few exceptions that allow you to receive this pension earlier.

If you are under 55 and not covered by the above three cases, you may be entitled to Widow’s Allowance. Here are the conditions to benefit from it:

The widowhood allowance, the amount of which is 632.17 euros, may be suspended if the conditions are no longer met (in the event of remarriage, for example). The amounts received may also decline depending on the recipient’s resources. Finally, it cannot be combined with the survivor’s pension.