From January, the minimum wage will experience a welcome increase, which will have an immediate effect on your retirement quarters. Indeed, under the influence of this increase, the amount of minimum remuneration that an employee must receive to validate a quarter of retirement will also change. We take stock of all these changes.

In order to validate a quarter of retirement with the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav), an employee is required to receive remuneration, which is subject to contributions and represents 150 times the hourly amount of the minimum wage. Therefore, if you work part-time or irregularly, you also have the possibility of contributing up to four quarters of retirement per year. While the amount of the gross minimum wage will increase to 11.65 euros per hour from January 1, 2024, this increase will be reflected in your retirement quarters.

With the increase in the minimum wage, an employee will now have to receive a gross salary of at least 1,747.50 euros per month in order to validate a quarter of retirement. Thus, the minimum monthly salary necessary to validate a quarter of retirement will be increased by 57 euros from January. If you work on the minimum wage, this increase will not have a real impact on you since it is calculated according to the amount of the inter-professional growth minimum wage. However, for student jobs, but also people who receive amounts below the minimum wage, the validation of a quarter of retirement should become, in these perspectives, more complex.