Revaluation of supplementary pensions: the increases that are looming in 2023


Every year, retirement pensions are adjusted, usually in line with inflation. Basic retirement pensions will be increased by only 0.8% in January 2023. Indeed, two exceptional increases have already been implemented this year: one in January, the other last August. These impromptu increases had been decided in the context of a legislative package aimed at supporting the purchasing power of the French.

Supplementary pension funds, for their part, are free to decide individually the amount of the annual increase that they choose to apply to their customers. According to Capital, the figures would vary very little from one fund to another, and would remain fairly close to those applied to the basic retirement pension.

Some funds have already communicated their decision as to the amount of the increase. The supplementary pension fund for private sector employees Agirc-Arrco has already carried out its annual revaluation. It is an exception to the rule, since the increase takes effect on November 1, instead of January 1. The clients of this fund have seen their supplementary pension increase by 5.12%.

The autonomous pension and provident fund for veterinarians, for its part, opted for a revaluation of up to 4.5%. The supplementary pension fund for pharmacists will apply an increase of 4.6% at the beginning of next year. Finally, general insurance agents will see their supplementary pension increase by 4.81%, and liberal professionals attached to Cipav by 5.3%.