It was a campaign promise from Emmanuel Macron: the revaluation of basic retirement pensions to cope with inflation, estimated at 5.2% in May according to the latest calculations from INSEE. On June 7, the head of government Elisabeth Borne confirmed this 4% increase from July. Thus, this indexation of your retirement pension will be visible on your bank account from August 9, 2022. In a previous article, you can consult the amount that this represents in euros, according to the amount of your current pension.

Please note, however: the basic pension and the supplementary pension for private employees are not managed by the same actors. Thus, there are only the pensions of the general scheme which will be revalued this summer, those of the supplementary scheme being managed by the social partners. For a possible revaluation of the supplementary scheme, it will be necessary to wait until November 1, the date on which the Argic-Arrco retirement point can be reassessed. Note: these rules are calculated according to the number of points acquired during your professional career, multiplied by the value of the point.

According to Dossier Familial, “the trade unions and employers’ organizations that manage Agirc-Arrco, the supplementary pension scheme for executives and employees in the private sector, should be less generous”. Thus, we expect an increase of more or less 0.5%. For information, supplementary pensions were increased to 1% in November 2021.

As a reminder, if you wish to obtain a full AGIRC-ARRCO supplementary pension, you must meet certain conditions:

If you do not meet these conditions, you can also choose to retire before the legal retirement age or before reaching the necessary insurance period, but you will benefit from a reduced supplementary pension.