Good news for 15 million retirees. Faced with the rise in consumer prices (excluding tobacco), estimated at 5.2% over the whole of 2022 according to the latest figures from INSEE, the basic pension for insured persons is experiencing a further increase. On January 1, 2023, therefore, the pension of all retirees increased by 0.8%. Only here it is: you may have noticed that this increase did not appear on your last pension slip.

And for good reason: retirement pensions are paid in arrears, which means that you receive the amount for the past month the following month. Thus, you will receive your new pension from the January pension, paid on February 9, 2023. Exception for pensioners affiliated with the regional fund of Alsace-Moselle, who receive their pension from January to February 1.

The beneficiaries affected by the increase in basic pensions are those affiliated to one of the following pension funds:

Are also concerned by the revaluation: